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    Our biggest advantage is the professional product functions we have for you to promote. These functions have been kept in mind by millions across the world. Driver Checker is highly effective and ensures that you keep making sales, without much effort! With Driver Checker, you make money by helping people deal with their driver needs. Our affiliates say that working with Driver Checker is like doing service for mankind. We couldn’t agree more!

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    Potential Earnings Per Month
     Monthly Sales Your Earnings Bonus per net sale Total Earnings

    100 -1000

    75% Commission

    $2 per net sale

    More than $7,200.00


    75% Commission

    $3 per net sale

    More than $73,000.00
    3001-10000 75% Commission $4 per net sale More than $740,000.00
    over 10000 75% Commission $5 per net sale

    More than $7,500,000.00

4.Incredible online resources

    Click on ‘Resources and Tools’ and you will find tones of online resources that will help you with your promotions. Moreover, our technical team is always at hand to ensure that you face no difficulty with your online hosting or templates or even sales!
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5.ClickBank Tracking System

    We guarantee a state-of-the-art affiliate system to track all your sales. All Cheesesoft’s products are available on ClickBank, the most trusted and reliable affiliate network. If you want a piece of that action, sign up at ClickBank - it's free.
    Apart from this, you will be able to track the status of every order, and gain the most of reorders. Our after-sales customer support team ensures that your customers keep coming back, and that you keep getting commissions on the reorders, making it very easy for you to gain maximum out of this program!

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