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Easy Launcher is a highly flexible tab-like style program that can be used to greatly enhance the user's experience on starting up applications and managing desktop shortcuts.

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1. Official ClickBank Hoplink

Use the following format to link to us:


Simply replace the xxxxx with your ClickBank nickname. Click Here to get a Clickbank account if you don't have one...

If your ClickBank nickname is cs2008, your affiliate link would look like this: http://cs2008.easylaunch.hop.clickbank.net

Be sure to REPLACE the 'xxxxx' with your ClickBank affiliate "nickname" so as to get you proper credits!
We hold all of our affiliates to a strict advertising standard. By promoting our program, you expressly agree to our Affiliates Agreement.

Note: In order to get a higher conversion rate for our affiliates, there will be no /?hop=affiliate appearing in the address bar after redirecting.
But the cookies have been created and do exit in user's browser in the following 60 days. If you want to test whether your hoplink is working
and ensure that you get your credits, please put your hoplink into address bar, click Register and Next Step, click either Credit Card or Paypal,
scroll down the order page, your affiliate link should appear.

2. Conversion Tracking Link Generator

You can use the following form to automatically generate your affiliate url:

Clickbank Nickname:
Google Conversion ID:
(optional) How to Set up Conversion Tracking
Yahoo Conversion ID:
(optional) How to Set up Conversion Tracking
ADCenter Conversion ID:
(optional) How to Set up Conversion Tracking
Clickbank Tracking ID:

Click Here to get a Clickbank account if you don't have one...

3. Bonuses On Top of Your 75% ClickBank Commissions New**

Net sales per month Bonus per net sale
100 -1000 $2 per net sale
1001-3000 $3 per net sale
3001-10000 $4 per net sale
over 10000 $5 per net sale


• All bonus must be claimed within the first two weeks of the following month.

• If this does not happen, bonus will expire and you will not receive your bonus for that month.

• Refunded sales and charge backs donít count in your total sales amount.

• The amount of all Cheesesoft products you sell can be calculated to claim bonus.

• All bonus is only be paid via PayPal.

• Clickbank ID and your PayPal info are needed when you claim your bonus.

• All bonus will be paid within the first two weeks of the following month.

• To claim your bonus, please email us at affiliate(at)cheesesoft(dot)com.

4. TextLink

Use the registered nickname, which you have to sign up with Clickbank, to replace the xxxxx ; then insert the following code into your website to create a text link.

Link #1

Your link will look like this:
Easy Launcher: Manage Your Shortcuts with Easy!

Link #2

Your link will look like this:
Easy Launcher: Take back Your Beautiful Desktop!

5. Blog Marketing Sites and Article Submission Sites

Blog reviews and articles submission sites have been proved to get webmasters loads of free traffics if used correctly

www.stumbleupon.com PR8
www.squidoo.com PR7 TIP: Google LOVES Squidoo!
www.propeller.com PR7
www.articlesfactory.com PR7
www.ezinearticles.com PR6
www.goarticles.com PR6
www.articlecity.com PR6
www.articledashboard.com PR6
www.searchwarp.com PR5
www.articlealley.com PR5
www.a1articles.com PR5
www.content-articles.com PR4
www.article-hut.com PR4
www.articleconnection.com PR3
www.usfreeads.com PR5

Important: We do not allow affiliates to promote our programs by spamming OR misrepresentation. Affiliates found doing so, will have their accounts cancelled and banned.
Any spamming and/or content that may mislead users into purchasing our programs will get you banned from ClickBank and sites above, and might even result in you getting banned from your ISP, host and possibly getting sued.

6. PPC and Google Ads

PPC has been the shortcut for you to get quality traffic in very short time. Top 5 PPC recommended: Google AdWords, Yahoo Search , Msn adCenter , Ask, Facebook.

Keyword Research Tools:
1. WordTracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool
2. Google Adwords Keyword Tool
3. Overture Keyword Selector Tool
4. SEOBook Keyword Suggestion Tool

Google Ads Search:
AdSearch Find, and browse through, different Adwords ads in varied geography.

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