Affiliate Program FAQ

Q:What is is a professional company dedicated to the research, production and development of system utilities. We offer world-class system utilities and customer service. When consumers purchase our programs, they also enjoy world-class customer service.

Q:How much can I make as an affiliate?

A: We not only provide high commission but also BONUS to ensure affiliates’ income.

Q:What percentage do I make as an affiliate?

A:We provide affiliates with 75% commission per sale. And we have bonus plan. Bonus is up to $5 per sale. It is at a monthly base. You have to sell at least 100 sales to get bonus.

Q:How often do I get paid?

A:75% commission is paid through, the bonus will be paid within the first 15 days of next month.

Q:Do you provide Conversion Tracking?

A: Yes, we do provide. Every affiliate page has Conversion Tracking Generator. You can insert your information to get your conversion tracking code. We support Google, Yahoo and ADCenter conversion tracking.

Q:What promotional material can I get?

A: We provide affiliates with high quality graphics, Landing Pages. If you are not satisfied with what we provide, you can contact us and tell us your requirement. We will try our efforts to cooperate with you.

Q:How do the sales of top affiliates come from?

A: The main sales are from PPC. Of course, there are still many ways to promote. The suitable way for you to promote is the best.

Q:Can I promote more than one program?

A: Definitely! Most of our affiliates promote many of our programs at the same time. Our product line covers many niches, at the same time, our experts team are working to develop new kinds of programs.

Q:How can I get credit if users free download your program?

A: If users click your hoplink and download our program, there will be a cookie created in user's browser to trace your sale. You will be credited once they make a purchase in the following 60 days.

Q:How can I get help from you?

A:You can easily contact us by sending email to

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