Driver Checker 2.7.3 Released on April 17th, 2009

April 17th, 2009

Driver Checker brings independent update, and drop-in hardware test to your drivers with full support for Scan, Driver Details and Downloads, Auto-update, Driver Backup, Restore and Uninstall in the new version 2.7.3 on Thursday. For Product Information, visit

Driver Checker v2.7.3 has following prominent features:

1. Access to over 1.533.638 + device drivers.
2. High-speed scanning to Your System with highly intelligent algorithm.
3. One-click to Update, Install and Fix These Drivers Extra benefits: Backup the existing drivers to further protect your system, so that you can always restore the system drivers to a previous state if there is any problem. Through our brand-new technology, you can uninstall the useless drivers completely in case that any installation failed or specific drivers needed to be removed.
4. Support for Windows Vista and Windows XP. If you are running a HP laptop, Driver Checker™ will recommend drivers specifically for your HP laptop.
5. Offering Customized Solutions to any driver problems you submitted Free of Charge! Whatever driver problems you submitted will be handled immediately by our professionals.

Driver Checker Release Note

• Version 2.1:

1. Fix the bugs generating duplicate files when scanning.
2. Modify the scanning bugs.
3. Remove the leftovers when uninstall a driver.

• Version 2.7.0:

1. Add system tray icons.
2. Modify the program self-update.
3. Add problem self-correction and submission.
4. Fixed the bugs in the Options

• Version 2.7.1

1. Add Digital Signature Authentication in t networkdll_dll.dll.
2. Fixed the driver Digital Signature in Windows XP.
3. Fix several bugs of problem submission.
4. Fix bug of picture flash when Driver Checker runs in low configuration computer.

• Version 2.7.2

1. Fixed driver Backup bug.
2. Modify diagnostic bugs in updating drivers.
3. Modify the scan report display, show the drivers of your existing devices, which has not been installed in your computer.

• Version 2.7.3

1. Modify diagnostic bugs in VISTA UAC settings.
2. Modify the installation kernel to device drivers.
3. Add hardware test for the devices with incorrect or missing drivers in order to provide the proper drivers from the database.

Automatically Update and Fix your Device Drivers Now.

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