Duplicate File Cleaner 2.1 Released on September 1, 2008

September 1, 2008

The Duplicate File Cleaner version 2.1 has been released on Oct 12, 2008. This is a major update and we take it to 2.1 since there are lots of functions and integrated solutions that have been improved and packed in this new version.

Mainly, duplicate files cause the waste of disk space. They cover up hard disks, slow down speed, and cost you more on backup. Duplicate File Cleaner can find out and delete duplicate files in your computer very effectively, in order to release your disk space and increase your computer speed.

Duplicate File Cleaner is a powerful and professional tool that offers wonderful and specific features: fast Scan & Clean duplicate Songs, Photos, Outlook Emails; free-up and organize your favor collection; make duplicate file management easier; reduce your backup cost; save your time and improve your work efficiency. That is why Duplicate File Cleaner is so popular with lots of computer users.

Though Duplicate File Cleaner is powerful to find out and clean most of duplicate files now, it is trying to get any improvement to meet and satisfy demands from computer users. Duplicate File Cleaner will be the better solution for duplicate file searching and cleaning by providing both the powerful toolkits and on-demand services. That is to say, when you are using Duplicate File Cleaner, you are not only having the handy toolkits but also the great services from our professionals.

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