Evidence Smart 3.7 Released on January 30, 2008

January 30, 2008

The Evidence Smart version 3.7 has been released on January 30, 2008. This is a major update and we take it to 3.7 since there are lots of functions and integrated solutions that have been improved and packed in this new version. Evidence Smart 3.7 can locate and erase evidence leftover to protect your privacy more effectively.

Many computer users suppose a file has gone forever once they delete it from recycle bin. Actually you only remove its reference from file system table and the deleted file can be retrieved. Please don't be panic about all these problems. Evidence Smart is designed to solve them and relieve your worries. This program is easy to use. It can completely erase the target data from your hard drives and your internet history.

Evidence Smart is designed for PC users to effectively locate and erase evidence leftover such as temporary folders, cookies, browser’s history, recently visited documents and past deleted data through its user friendly interface. Meanwhile, with the industry leading technology Evidence Smart offers, you can even permanently shred unwanted files on your system. If you do not want to be the victim of Conflict, Quarrel, Divorce, Criminal Prosecution, join thousands of people who use Evidence Cleaner to shield their privacy and business now!

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