FinalSync 2.1 Released on Dec. 03, 2008

Dec. 03, 2008


Cheesesoft announced the release of an intuitive utility of file synchronization and backup named “FinalSync” on December 03, 2008.

With the intention of ensuring people transfer the data consistently while sharing files between devices, our development team developed this FinalSync. FinalSync can automatically synchronize your important files like photos, emails, music files in mp3 players between a variety of equipments such as PC, laptop, and USB flash drivers, shared folders of LAN, FTP and WebDAV servers.

The work principle of synchronization is to analyze and compare files between devices through filtering and parallel algorithm, and then accomplish operations such as backup, copy and deletion by using synchronization algorithm. So does FinalSync. But FinalSync has shown even more special features and powerful functions. It accelerates the process of analysis and synchronization by the efficient analysis algorithm. Users can get new synchronization files by making a backup before covering or deleting the files and ensure the update of correct files by creating temporary files.

FinalSync also makes you select the synchronization files you need with ease as a result of the powerful file filtering algorithm. For example, you can select to include or exclude some types of files, folders, system files or hidden files. After an intelligent analysis between devices, a very integrated analysis result comes out in the interface as a tree diagram so that users can compare the differences clearly among new files, deleted files, covered files, conflicted files, right-left files, left-right files, all files, included files, excluded files.

In addition, FinalSync can set up automatic missions in different statuses and supply multi-operation to tasks to allow different kinds of job managed easily. Finally, we especially design a visualization interface and a detailed operation log which contains information of task names, operation time, numbers and size of related files in order to make users operate FinalSync conveniently. With all the wonderful features of FinalSync, you’ll meet your aim to ensure optimal quality of file synchronization and backup.

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