Perfect Uninstaller 6.3.3 Released on September 10, 2009

September 10, 2009

With the great efforts of the whole Perfect Uninstaller team, the latest version of Perfect Uninstaller, version was finally released on Sep 10, 2009. This is a major update and we take it to Version since there are lots of functions and integrated solutions that have been improved and packed in this new version.

Perfect Uninstaller is a program that can help professionally and effectively uninstall any unwanted program from the computer. Compared with Windows Add/ Remove Programs or other uninstallers, this uninstaller can forcibly uninstall corrupted programs that do not display in the Add/ Remove programs list for the Force Uninstall allows us to directly uninstall programs from their folders. And during the uninstallation process, it will thoroughly scan the drivers and registry for leftovers, such as some unwanted files, associated registry entries and missing shortcuts so as to completely uninstall the program. Besides, it is not only powerful in uninstalling visible program, but also in uninstalling hidden programs. Besides the powerful functions in uninstalling programs, what is new in the latest version is:

  • It provides us a choice to back up the system registry. With the“Registry Backup” function, uses can alternatively make a full backup of the Windows registry when the computer is in good condition or set it to automatically back up the registry when system boots up. Therefore, when the computer slows down, users can use the backups to restore the registry to the day when the computer is in good condition. And when the computer crashes or needs repairing, users can also easily bring back the computer by restoring the backup to a previous day, which avoids the inconvenience to reinstall it.

  • It also provides a choice to back up the Network Interface Card (NIC) setting the information. The “NIC Settings Backup” function allows users to back up the settings information for all Network Interface Card in the current system. When the computer crashes or needs to be reinstalled, users can use the backup to quickly restore the network settings.

  • For Vista operating system, this version provides a choice to change the Users Account Control. With this function, Vista users can easily select to disable/ enable the Users Account Control.


So with Perfect Uninstaller, users can thoroughly uninstall what they want at ease without worrying some leftovers both in the drivers and registry. For more detailed information, please visit If you have any questions or suggestion about our program, please feel free to contact us via

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