Spyware Cease 5.0 Released on September 10, 2009

Sep 10, 2009

Joyful news for all Spyware Cease users and any other computer users is announced today that Spyware Cease 5.0 is released! Spyware Cease 5.0 upgrades its scan engine by adding the Online Scan function that will help detect spyware from computers more thoroughly and effectively.

Spyware Cease R & D team keeps making efforts on improving the program to be more efficient and convenient all the time. In Spyware Cease 5.0, the Online Scan function is added, and the help feedback window updated in Spyware Cease 4.6, popping up for non-subscribers while no spyware threat is detected after the first scan, is canceled.

At present, the total number of spyware signature in database of Spyware Cease has expanded over 621,000. However, as some spyware threats always keep spreading, reproducing or disguising themselves, to better detect all exposed and hidden spyware, the Online Scan helps greatly enhance scan engine of Spyware Cease, so as to improve the effectiveness of Spyware Cease on detecting spyware threats. If no spyware threats are detected in Full Scan or Quick Scan which bases on local spyware signature database, users can run the Online Scan, and send the unknown files to the servers of Spyware Cease, in order to further check for suspicious or malicious files.

All computer users are welcome to download the latest updated Spyware Cease 5.0 from this site http://www.spywarecease.com/download.php, and all Spyware Cease subscribers are also welcome to update their Spyware Cease to version 5.0, to experience the new features that help completely detect and effectively terminate spyware threats in your computer.

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