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    Evidence Smart is designed for PC users to effectively locate and erase evidence leftover such as temporary folders, cookies, browser’s history, recently visited documents and past deleted data through its user friendly interface. Meanwhile, with the industry leading technology Evidence Smart offers, you can even permanently shred unwanted files on your system. If you do not want to be the victim of Conflict, Quarrel, Divorce, Criminal Prosecution, join thousands of people who use Evidence Cleaner to shield their privacy and business now!

    Empty Your Browsers' Cache Your browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.whatever application you use to surf the web) contains a folder where certain items that have been downloaded are stored for future access. Graphic images (such as buttons, banners, icons, advertising, graphs, and color bars), photographs, and even entire web pages are examples of cache items. This function brings convenience when loading the page again. However, without periodically deleting, the cache will be the storage of your Internet activities and offer the best access for those who want to snoop your privacy. Evidence Smart can effectively empty your browsers' cache and advoid others knowing what pages you have ever viewed.

    Erase Your Address Bar History The address bar in browsers like Netscape and Internet Explorer allows the user to enter a URL of the page they wish to visit or save that page for later. It will also allow a user to drop dowm the addess bar to view recently visited pages. Any one who can use a computer can easily find out your Intenet tracks through the URL left on the Address Bar. With Evidence Smart, you can completely erase all your resently visted websites address to shield your online tracks.

    Clean Cookies and Auto Complete Data A cookie is information that a Web site puts on your hard disk so that it can remember something about you at a next time. Both the Cookies and Auto Complete Data can be used when entering your information to a registration process. Although with great help, these features can post danger to your privacy by tracking your personal information such as credit card number, passwords, ID number and more. To protect your privacy, Evidence Smart can help you with cleaning all cookies and auto complete data to shield your personal privacy and business.

    Delete Your Histories to Shield Your life The histories Evidence Smart can clean including: Address Bar History, Media Player History List, WinRAR History, WinZip History, ZipMagic History, ASPack History, ACDSee History, Run History, Telnet Menu History, Map Network Drive History, Windows Explorer Open With History, Regedit32 History, Start Menu History, Kazaa History, FireFox History and Netscape History. And more...

    Conserve Your PC Resources Folders like temporary folder, cache folder leftover can gat quite large hard drive space if not cleaning them periodically. That will also slow down your PC speed and take up PC resources. Evidence Smart can improve your PC performance by powerfully remove such folders storaged on you computer and effectively conserve your PC resources.

    Permanently Shred Unwanted Files Evidence Smart offers the feature to shred unwanted files and folder permanantly. By choosing the shred level, you can have the files and folders disappeared with ease.

    Smartly Ignore Exluded Items After a scan performed you can add detected items to the Exclude list with right-click so that Evidence Smart does not remove the item(s) and will exclude it for the next scan. During the scan and removal process of the Evidence Smart, a list of detected items is displayed. We guarantee that no other recovery software on the market could retrieve your privacy after Evidence Smart's removal.

    24 hours Free Customer Support No matter where you bought Evidence Smart, you will receive our friendly customer support services. Our staff will patiently communicate with you to solve any issues.

    Customize Settings There are five options that you can access and modify within the Settings button, including Startup Options, Removal Options, Check Update, Delete Options and Schedule. Evidence Smart by default will select all items automatically after scanning and ask you to choose delete model before deleting. You can also have Evidence Smart run on your demand and schedule.

    Easy to Use User-friendly interface and step-by-step wizards, plusing the 1-Click operation make Evidence Smart easy to use. Start your free scan and protect your privacy now!

    ◆ Quick Scan
    ◆ Time Saving
    ◆ Options Provided
    ◆ Complete Deletion
    ◆ Unlimited Update
    ◆ Comprehensive Check
    ◆ Good Compatibility
    ◆ Customization provided
    ◆ Results Listed for Reference
    ◆ Overall Protection of Privacy
    ◆ Remove Tracks of Internet Activities
    ◆ Satisfactory Safey Performance
    ◆ Advanced Shred for Tough Files
    ◆ Easy to understand and use
    ◆ Dedicated Technical Support
    ◆ Free Trial Version Available

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  • Customer Testimonials

    Evidence Smart is fantastic! It is capable of cleaning the tracks of dozens of popular applications. There is always something you don't want to share with others, even your family or closest friends. But there is no guarantee that they will not access to your information-at least I think so. Evidence Smart cuts off the access. I really love it. It deletes what I can't delete completely and removes my internet history. My personal information is safe with whatever surrounding.
    --- John Norton, Chicago, US

    What your great product impresses me is not only its perfect deletion, but also the dedicated service. I have used programs of this kind, but they seemed to cause some problems. I don't know whether it is because my own system or not. But I now use Evidence Smart with out any difficulty or problem. It is a safe and nice program which help me clean up my file completely. And it is a good protection of privacy. You guys help me so much. Thank you!
    --- John Burns, Edinburgh, UK

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