FinalSync is an intuitive utility of file synchronization and file backup which automatically synchronizes your photos, emails, MP3 files, user data and other important files between desktops,laptops, USB flash drives, shared folders of Local Area Network,FTP and WebDAV servers, as well as Windows Mobile devices and more.

What Can FinalSync Do for You?
By analyzing and comparing files between devices through filtering and paralled algorithm, and then accomplish operations such as backup, copy and deletion through using synchronization algorithm, FinalSync achieves bi-directional synchronization excellenctly and optimizes your file management.

  • Synchronize the latest or important files and data that have been changed on the home and office PCs using the USB flash drives or removable disks.
  • Synchronize the photos in digital camera and files in MP3 player to the targeted folders in your PC.
  • Synchronize important files between laptops and desktops via Local Area Network.
  • Synchronize or backup files to remote FTP, WebDAV servers and Windows Mobile devices.
  • Provide many smart automatic tasks to meet your complicated requirements.
  • manage multi-tasks with ease
  • User-friendly interface, easy operation, visual operation process & result.
  • Integrated analysis results are shown in tree diagram after analyzing folders between both sides.
  • Powerful files filtering algorithm makes flexible selections for synchronization.
  • High quality, fast speed & reliable.

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